• Posted on 25th January 2013

  • Winter in Perthshire!
  • Hello Everyone!

    I know our regular news readers are spread all over this great big globe of ours so weather might not be the conversation starter that it is with a fellow Scot!  We’ve been enjoying a beautiful blanket of snow here in Perth this week; facebook photographs of snowmen has climbed to a frenzied competition amongst, let’s be honest folks, all the mums and dads!  Emily and I had great fun at the weekend at the back of the farmhouse and I think you’ll agree our efforts were worth it!

    It got me thinking about why people visit the area – coming in Spring or Summer is just wonderful of course but there is something quite magical about Perthshire in winter.  Our countryside and Green Spaces are all around – you never have to go too far to walk through a field or a forest!  At this time of year the branches are bare and the ground well-trodden but against the crisp white canvas of the snow this is truly beautiful.  Our local Perthshire App guys (Mi Perthshire, do download if you’re visiting!) posted this gorgeous photograph during the week – hard to resist I’d say!  

    While we’ve all been busy clearing paths with shovels and salt the mood of love has been filling the AR office! I’d like to tell you my husband has gotten all romantic after 15 years together but it’s actually the girls preparing for Valentine’s Day.   Everything happens a little early here at AR as we’re always in planning mode to bring you great packages and offers. So we’ve been doodling love hearts and roses for a couple of weeks now! Enter our single lady to tell us that what we need in a stunning three bedroomed apartment is an ANTI-Valentines Package!  That’s not to say we’re against it – just that we’re doing a fantastic Pamper Package for all the Single Ladies! Click through to our offers page to find out more!

    So I’m not talking Murray into a Valentine’s break but I am hoping that he’ll go for Mother’s Day in a big way the following month! We quite often get all the family together at AR – we live out of town and I love being near the restaurants and kids’ activities – as it has such a wonderful warm atmosphere and comfort factor for everyone relaxing.   Gran teaches the kids’ board games and they attempt to teach her the Wii! We have a luxurious mother’s day package available - the business woman in me is hoping we sell out, but the Mum part wants an apartment left over all for ourselves!

    SPOILER ALERT: Don’t tell the marketing team I’ve given this away but I happen to know they are launching a FABULOUSLY GOOD Fun competition next week where you can win a two night break at Alexander Residence and tickets for the Scottish Game Fair. This is a great prize – make sure you check back next Friday for full details!

    Hope to see you all soon,

    Pauline X

    PS I’ve been enjoying the news page here so much I’ve decided to do a full on blog! More details coming soon!