• Posted on 11th February 2013

  • Bridal & Valentines Fever
  • Hello Everyone,

    We’ve been as busy as always in the Alexander Residence Office this week; although I have to say this Month of Love idea has really grown a whole heap of arms and legs!  It started last week after our photoshoot at the apartments.  Gill Murray, our photographer on the night, emailed us over the images.

    If you haven’t had a chance to look at these DO click onto our Facebook page -   

    They were so fantastic the office went into marriage overdrive! Nicola, our trusty PA, is planning her wedding this year and before we knew where we were, we were all oooohing and aaaahing over the stunning dresses and fully caught up in Bridal Fever!

    That led to our facebook Wedding Business Feature AND with the shots in the white silk bag, the finalising of our entry in Scone Palace’s stunning Wedding Brochure for 2013. Phew! I do like a bit of romance every now and again but I’m beginning to hope that Murray has planned a takeaway curry and a hike for the 14th!

    I did have a very enjoyable evening at 63 Tay Street in Perth on Tuesday – and not just because their 2-Rosette Food and expansive wine list is sooooo good! Scott Edwards and Graeme Pallister, the owners, came up with the great idea of getting local, independent businesses together for a bit of networking and chat.  We all know that Perth is a unique city and our fantastic mix of independent retailers, restaurants and - dare I say it! - accommodation providers sets us head and shoulders above other city centres. 

    Am I biased? Maybe a bit but when I met with these passionate business owners and artisan producers I felt proud to be part of them.   We really do have something special to offer here and its one of the reasons why I love what I do.  Well, that and all the essential research I carry out on your behalf…. Restaurants, cafes, therapies, concerts, walks in the countryside! I really can’t imagine a better way to spend my time!

    There were, of course, some fantastic wedding suppliers with us there at 63 so I didn’t escape our Month of Love entirely!   I did have a smile hearing about Scottish Season’s new and whacky favours ideas – they sure beat the sugar almonds of old!  And I am still thrilled to be offering 30% discount on all the apartments during February…. So maybe not totally void of romance after all!

    Have a Wonderful February 14th whatever you do – and mark us down on your dance card if something sparkly appears in your fizz!

    Pauline x