• Posted on 19th April 2013

  • Discovering Perthshire in Summer
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    My goodness Friday has come around fast this week! We’ve just launched our summer specials for Alexander Residence and they are getting a fantastic response – more on those later! We’ve been chatting about what people want to see and do when they come to the area and although my discovering Perthshire has been like a little one-man-band tourism guide I thought it might be time to branch out and give everyone else a chance to tell me about their favourite activities and attractions in the area.  So this week’s news is the AR Team’s Top Three Perthshire “MUST DO”!


    Ok – I have to admit, even I was a bit taken aback when our accounts dept came back with Deer Stalking! Not what I was expecting but on reading more this sounds like a fantastic way to experience Perthshire wildlife.  We made all the calls and found this half day instruction that gives you some of the skills required to get up close with Scotland’s largest woodland mammal.   Find out about the different species and learn about the etiquette of being part of shoot.  You get target practice and some sound advice on this old Perthshire sport.  You will find lots of private organisations offering great days out but if you’re a beginner start here and you’ll get all the info you need.  That’s another weekend taken care of for me!

    BASC STALKING – Call 01350 723226.


    Perth Museum is also home to a fantastic collection of art and with support from the local council it remains one of the areas FREE attractions. It has fun, educational zones for the kids and is only a few minutes walk from Alexander Residence! The Museum aims to reflect Perth and Kinross life through the ages (amongst other things!) so you get a wonderful feel for the history of the area. With more than half a million objects they have a Recognised Collection of National Significance to Scotland. This is well worth an afternoon’s visit – and there are some lovely cafes for Tea & Cake afterwards very nearby!


    I’ll be honest, coming from Manchester I wasn’t entirely sure what a Salmon Ladder was when this suggestion came out of our sister company’s drawing office!  There aren’t many around my parts! But now that I’m in the picture I think a jaunt to Pitlochry is definitely on the cards.

    The Salmon ladder was built to enable migrating salmon to by-pass Pitlochry’s famous Hydro dam and make their way upstream to Loch Faskally above. The ladder is 310 metres long and has chambers, linked together by tunnels that the salmon can swim through.  Here’s the fascinating part – over 5000 salmon each year pass through the ladder and most have had a journey of around 6000 miles. Head for the Visitor Centre; you’ll find an observation chamber where you might see salmon swimming.  

    Pitlochry itself has lots of fantastic attractions and is only a 30 – 40 minute drive from Alexander Residence!

    I hope you’ve found this as helpful as I did – I did receive so many suggestions for the famous Perthshire Distilleries that I’m dedicating an entire news page to them next week! Pop back if the lure of Scotch Whiskey is a strong one.

    Back to these great summer offers! If you’d like to come and explore Perthshire then why not book for a 5 or 7 night stay and take advantage of our deals?  All prices are available for bookings July, August and September.

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    See you all very soon I hope,