• Posted on 29th April 2013

  • Whisky Tours - Perthshire
  • Hello!

    After my news page last week I promised that I would bring you some research on Perthshire Distilleries.  I had no idea when I started just how many there were, what a “Whisky Tour” involved or that I, a twenty something girl from Manchester, liked a wee dram of the golden nectar!  What an amazing experience a whisky tour is and you’ve never taken one I can recommend it thoroughly.

    I’ve started with Tullibardine which is just a 20 minute drive from Alexander Residence and is situated in a small visitor centre in the beautiful town of Blackford.  It shares parking with the fabulous Baxter’s Perthshire which means you can enjoy a look round both and grab a lunch or a light snack.

    Named the Independent Spirit of Perthshire, Tullibardine is a single Highland Malt that has been described as a “drop of gold from Perthshire”.  They’re not wrong let me tell you!  I wasn’t sure what to expect but you will find yourself almost immediately immersed in the passion that clearly drives this work horse seven days a week. You can learn the history of Tullibardine before stepping into one of their guided tours – I did the classic tour but for enthusiasts among you there is also a specialised tour you can book.

    Tullibardine operates in the traditional way, without modern day computer technology and they believe this is what makes the process so unique and the whisky so darn good!  The whole distillation process takes place in one room – it is fascinating! It all begins with the milling where you will see the barley being made into grist and you are talked through the journey with their tour guide where you will see how this is transformed into the new make spirit. We were then taken to the warehouse where the Oak casks are stored – these are all sourced with great care - and we then ended up in the tasting room where I was shown how to “nose whisky”! We were all given a taste of two of the single malts but you can add their Dramming Tray to this or their Whisky and Chocolate Tray (note to self: must come back again and do this one!) 

    I have caught the bug and with another six distilleries in Perthshire alone I think I may spend the summer with my nose in a few more single malts! I’m assured that the Blair Atholl Distillery is a also a great tour and the Famous Grouse at Crieff has built an entire experience out of this wonderful spirit! 

    I even picked up some Gaelic on the way; Usige Beathe is the Scottish-Gaelic name for whisky and literally means the water of life. I’m beginning to see why!

    If you’d like to come to Scotland and visit our glorious distilleries – and I can promise you’ll have a fantastic time! – then why not take advantage of our fantastic summer rates.  Apartments can be booked for groups of four and over and with our central location we’re no more than 30 minutes from any of the top six distilleries in the area!  Check out our offers page – groups of 7 staying for a week are as little as £18 per head. That leaves a fair amount of spending to be done in the gift shops!

    Slainte Mhath!