• Posted on 31st May 2013

  • What our 5 star status means to us!
  • Hello Everyone,

    We’ve been talking this week about our 5 star status! Not a smug way you understand – although we are secretly very proud that we can claim to be the ONLY five star accommodation providers in Perth City Centre.   We were talking about what 5-Star meant to you, our customers.  Because along with the lovely feeling of owning this status there comes a significant level of responsibility to deliver on the silent promise that it makes on our behalf.

    You see, with 5 Stars there is, rightly so, an expectation of standards, luxury and service. We take this very seriously and work hard to ensure we are meeting and exceeding these at all times.  Of course, it started a long time before this website was discussed or brochures were printed; it started when we bought Alexander Residence and sat down to plan a refurbishment. 

    We worked with local interior designers Adam McNee who are based just a few minutes walk away from the apartments. Adam McNee is one of Perth’s longest established businesses and they are renowned for their quality and attention to detail.  We explained exactly what we wanted and soon enough we were feasting our eyes on story boards with beautiful wall coverings, fabrics and images of furniture and accessories that would bring our apartments to luxurious life.  The standard of our décor is something we receive a huge amount of positive feedback on.

     With the look just right, the finishing touches dropped in and the view looking like it was made especially for us we started to consider partners that we would use to deliver our 5 Star service.  Self-Catering doesn’t have to mean that you arrive and you’re left to your own devices you know! We provide lovely little extras that save you the trouble of packing shampoo, milk and robes… An odd combination we know!

    We are passionate about supporting other local and Scottish quality businesses and we are fortunate in that we are surrounded by many excellent artisans and independent retailers. After a wonderful few weeks trialling lots of different soaps and lotions we agreed unanimously on Arran Aromatics as our toiletries provider.  Arran Aromatics toiletries and candles are made on the island of Arran, using the finest, most natural ingredients where possible. Their vision they say is simple, “to make the best products we possibly can in order to enrich the lives of the people who use them”. All of their cartons are recyclable, biodegradable and made of material from sustainable managed forests.

    Next up was the welcome pack! After your journey the first thing you want to do is pop the kettle on and have a cuppa – am I right? We work in partnership with Diane and her team at the award winning Provender Brown Deli on George Street. Again, just a few minute’s walk away Diane is arguably one of Perthshire’s finest delis with a mouth-watering selection of cheeses, hams, jams, chutneys, chocolates, wines… oh the list is endless!  Your welcome pack is a breakfast hamper with some of our best local producers featured! You can also order directly from Provender Brown using our online 5 Star Concierge Service – nibbles hampers and luxury Scottish Hampers will have even the most discerning of guests commenting on the food.

    But most of all we believe we have a 5 Star Team – this is what makes the difference. We have impeccably high standards in cleanliness and presentation; we want all communications to be smooth and understandable. We believe you should be welcomed by a real person who can answer questions and offer knowledgeable local advice for your stay and we believe that you have then chosen us to ensure this happens with a friendly, happy attitude from people who care about your stay.

    And what of the price for all of this luxury and comfort? We have chatted about this – our apartments are yours to enjoy and with 6 or 7 people visiting you will find that this is a gorgeous slice of 5 star indulgence that you can afford. There are some great summer offers on our offer page and for a few dates this summer you can enjoy further savings!

    The Rose Apartment is available from the 26th June – 4th July at these amazing rates (pppn is based on 6 people sharing!
    3 nights – £250.00 (pppn £13.88)
    4 nights – £300.00 (pppn £12.50)
    5 nights – £350.00 (pppn £11.67)
    6 nights – £400.00 (pppn £11.11)
    7 nights - £450.00 (pppn £10.71)

    Some AMAZING deals to be had in THE ERICHT APARTMENT between June 18th and July 4th. (Per Person Per night prices are based on 7 people sharing). Snap them up now! 
    3 nights – £400.00 (pppn £19.05)
    4 nights – £450.00 (pppn £16.07)
    5 nights – £500.00 (pppn £14.29)
    6 nights – £550.00 (pppn £13.10)
    7 nights - £600.00 (pppn £12.25)

    Now will all of this luxury be enough to impress the judges on Tuesday night? I hope so!

    See you for a little 5 star indulgence very soon!