• Posted on 29th July 2013

  • The Perth Kilt Run 2013
  • Hello Everyone,

    I’m very happy to be writing to you from sunny Perth! Now, usually that would mean a trip to the southern hemisphere but we have been enjoying this summer’s British heatwave along with the rest of good old GB.  Between this glorious run of good weather and last week’s arrival of a new royal baby – welcome Prince George - we’re hoping that the feel good vibe of Summer 2013 keeps on giving and lands Perth a world record!

    On Saturday August 10th The Perth Kilt Run will attempt to beat a world record currently held by our Canadian twin, Perth Ontario. Our first attempt, last year in June, saw over 1000 people gather in kilts and run 10K around the city. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough to win and Ontario maintained their record of 1089.  As I type, we’re awaiting confirmation of their numbers from this year’s event in June!

    The organisers are aiming for over 2000 this year (just to make sure!) and it’s become the talk of the town! It seems all these patriotic runners are dismayed to find that a Kilt Run Record lies with Canada and are determined to bring it across the pond to Scotland for the first time in its 4 year history.   There are runners coming into Perth from all over the country to take part – kilts replacing running shorts for the first time ever!  I know that a couple of my friends were looking for these little light weight kilts you can buy on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile but all participants must wear a plaid knee-length kilt fastened with at least two buckles.  That’s a lot of weight on a hot day!

    We had an empty apartment last year and I hung from the windows to watch the racers speed by along the North Inch. As a girl from Manchester watching a gathering of men and women running in kilts was really quite bizarre! It really is something special to see - we are all terribly excited to be part of a potential world record and the City has built a whole host of activities up around the event. Have a peek at their website here -

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    See you Soon, Nicola

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